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Warm and simply gorgeous
Sweater White Pearls Black Flower.jpg
Sweaters White Black Tree.jpg
Steater White Black Flower.jpg

It being hard to fit the tiny dog, or the portly one, or the long and skinny one, we have decided to offer made to measure warm and beautiful sweaters.

It takes  lot of measuring, but the sweater produced will fit your pup perfectly.

We can add front legs, front and back legs, and please indicate if you dog is male of female. The sweaters go to the top of the tail to completely cover the back.

The models shown are in Alpaca (for softness) and wool for warmth.

We have many colors, and of course you can change the buttons to pearl, crystal, "gold"....just write in the order box what you would like.

Colors are light pink, white, black, dark blue, chocolate taupe. orange, turquoise.

The gold and yacht sweaters are cotton.


Diamond pattern sweater

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