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Adoption - Cat or Dog?


When considering adopting of a new family member, should you adopt a dog or cat?

I personally can’t live without a member or either species!

However, there are some factors that you might wish to take into consideration when considering a new pet.

Cats are able to live in apartment or indoor settings without access to outside if they are provided with a litter box, and a good window (to be used as an observation platform). Cats are beautiful, affectionate creatures that enjoy their domain. They do not always like to share their home with other animals (unless introduced at a young age). Their fur is soft and lovely to caress - stroking a happy kitty is very pleasurable for both human and animal. A purring cat makes a house a home.

Dogs are of a somewhat more exuberant nature. They like activity and motion and playing. They must find us fascinating – we drive cars!!! We go into a store and bring back FOOD! We go to parks, and beaches, and airports!!!! We DO things!!!! They are always willing to come along.

Dogs are pack animals – they function as a team and need their pack to understand their role in a group, whereas cats are solitary animals that enjoy their domain – alone!

There is nothing worse than returning home after a tiring day to find your well-rested dog ready for lots of play!

If you are away from your home more that 5-6 hours a day and plan on crating your dog until your return, you might reconsider your choice. Add to that a minimum of 3 walks a day, plus play time, through inclement weather – it is task that cannot be neglected for the balance and mental health of all parties concerned. A cat or two would be a much more suitable choice. (Hint : If you adopt kittens – always get 2. Introducing adult cats can be difficult)

If you are the energetic type, indulging in lots of outdoor activities or someone who simply likes to have constant companionship in an outdoor setting, a dog is a willing companion. Simply choose the correct dog breed! Dog can go practically everywhere, enjoy your company while having a social life too.

It is important too chose the pet that will fit in your life - and your lifestyle should fit with theirs.

We are responsible for our pets lives. They come to us so willing to please – it is important that we share in their lives as selflessly as they share ours. We must care for them emotionally and mentally (as well as physically) so that they have happiness – and give us the companionship they seek and we crave – that ensures a happy relationship for all.

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