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Home cooking for canines?

Seems like everyone is talking about whether to cook for your dog or simply purchase a "good quality" "organic" dog kibble, and what's better for the dog. I have heard people vow never to give their dogs "people" food because then the dogs won't eat their "regular" dog food. And, truly, it is easier to simply dole a cup or two of dry dog food (wet dog food is the same as dry dog, but with more moisture!) than to "cook" for your dog.

However, a few simple facts about dog food might help change your mind about what you are feeding your dog.

First of all, "dog" food is food that is unfit for human consumption. You don't need a vivid imagination to understand what that means in terms of quality. Secondly, dog food is meant to be produced as cheaply as possible, with an 18 month shelf life. Lots of fillers, road kill, and other things too horrible to mention go into the making of dog food (it's called dead, dying, and diseased). Everything is tossed into a huge vat and cooked at very high temperatures, then squeezed into kibble shapes. If this is unpalatable, the kibble is sprayed with the greasy scrapings of the restaurant grills that have been saved in barrels until full (through heat and cold) a