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Swiss Collars

Traditional Swiss Collars and Matching Leashes


Jack in Black Swiss
Cherie in Red Swiss

These classic collars look great on just about any dog.  They come in various widths and lengths that are difficult to figure out if you aren't familiar with centimeters, so it is best to simply measure your dog's neck and indicate breed, and we will send you the correct size.  Width vary from 3/4" to 1.1/2" for the biggest dogs.

We have tried these stiff collars on all of our dogs.  Pictured here is Jack, our Mini White Schnauzer who is only 18lbs, and he does look handsome in the black version.

Little 5lb poodle Cherie carries the red collar beautifully. The leather softens up very quickly and is very comfortable for even the little dogs.

The collars are a tough leather with brass cows and other stampings, brass hardware and

"D" ring. Colors are red, tan, and black.

Matching leashes are available.


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